Listing NFT on Marketplace

Once you create your NFT, you will be able to save it in your inventory. Monetize your NFT (Generate money from it by selling it) require listing on Marketplace. To do this follow these steps:

Choose The NFT You Want to List

Open Inventory and Choose the NFT you want to list on Marketplace. Go to the bottom right to the box that says: "Add to marketplace".
Here you will find 3 options: Auction and Sale, Auction Only, Sell Only. Select the category and click on the box that says: NEXT.

Set NFT Price

For sale of your assets, Then you must add the price and click on NEXT. Hints: 1- Choose reasonable price to sell it quickly and attract more users. 2- Grow with your NFT collection, make some common collection with low prices, some rare NFT with ultimate prices. 3- Give some flexibility to allow all user to choose the best NFT for their budgets.

Required STFI Staking

Required Staking amount is only 1% of your NFT price, we use it to insure the users are going to work with network without any scamming purposes, you will be able to unlock it immediately after selling your NFT.
To auction your assets, you must add, for how many days it will be, and the starting price. Then press the box that says NEXT.
For the sale and auction of your assets, you must add the sale price, minimum bidding, the time it will be open and press the box that says NEXT.
Then, you will be able to view a screen, where it will be, all the information of your sale and auction, you review, verify that everything is correct and press the box that says: Add to Marketplace.

Finalize and Approve

Here a notice will appear, to confirm the monetization and add your assets to Marketplace.